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Apartment Manager Goes Inside Apartment Several Times When I Am Away. How Normal Is This?

Submitted by on September 7, 2009 – 11:17 pm8 Comments

Photo by ATENCION:
I’ve been living in my apartment complex for about 1 year now and the apartment manager seems to make an excuse to go inside the place while I’m at work at least once every two months.
He has gone in for such reasons as: Checking water pressure, need to paint balcony even though it was newly painted, need to show to prospective renters of similar apartments, need to show to prospective mortgagers.
Is this normal or excessive?
I feel a little infringed upon.


  • Eno says:

    Your rights are clearly being infringed – the apartment manager generally doesn’t have a right to go into your apartment without notice, except in case of an obvious emergency (fire, water leak, etc.) The apartment manager should be giving you at least 24 hours notice before entering your apartment. I’d check your state and local laws – here in California, we have very strong renter’s rights, detailed at <>.>. I’d search for “renter’s rights” for your state and city – and then have a discussion with your apartment manager. I’d ask for 48 hours notice before they enter your apartment.

  • Kevin says:

    In most jurisdictions, a manager has to give you notice that they’ll have to come into your apartment. Where I live, it’s supposed to be written notice, more than 24 but less than 72 hours. If there’s an emergency, they don’t have to give notice, and an emergency is something like a water leak, the place is on fire, that kind of thing, something that can’t wait to be dealt with. I’d check what the rules are in your state or country. All the reasons you gave sound legitimate and maybe you just happen to have run into a bad patch, but if you have reason to think that he’s just making up reasons to come in, I myself would want to move.

  • Karen L says:

    Go to the Home Depot and buy a new dead-bolt lock. Your apartment manager has a right to enter your apartment, but not without your permission unless it’s an emergency. Your apartment is not a display.
    That being said you must keep it very nice if he chooses your place for showing off.
    Suggestion number 2:
    Leave beer cans, pizza boxes, cigarette butts, all over the place. I lived in an apartment as a single man for several years and the management never entered my apartment. LOL
    I assume that you are a woman who is younger and not bad looking. Your apartment manager is an older man who is bad looking? HE IS A PERVERT. That’s all and nothing else.
    Serenity make s good point. Put a video camera on a tripod facing your underwear drawer. I bet that will deter him from going through your stuff. Painting a balcony HA! He is stealing your undergarmanets and he knows where you are hiding BOB.

  • Chris says:

    This sounds excessive to me, although I have lived in apartments where the management has entered fairly often. Most of the time, they let me know in advance. I think, if you feel like something isn’t right about it – you should try and set up a video or security camera and see if you can find out what EXACTLY goes on when you are away. If he’s really doing what he says, you’re probably okay, if not, you’ll know what’s going on and you can deal with the problem then.

  • Serenity says:

    Notice is required to be given in advance unless it is an emergency (fire, flood etc). As long as you are current on your rental payments, he is trespassing by entering your apartment without notice. Confront him about it.

  • sensible says:

    as the law states they need to give you 24 hour notice no excuses

  • Chev M says:

    This isnt normal…its ur apartment and yout paying for it…the manager cant go in whenever he/she wants to…
    you guys should have a conversation about this

  • M@!@ says:

    this is not normal. ask him to inspest your apartment when you are home.

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